It’s been said that he who controls the past, controls the present. He who controls the present, controls the future. For decades, American Leftists have, with some astonishing success, revised much of our nation’s history. Many great patriots who have served their country honorably and with distinction have been attacked, defamed and smeared. Almost every major American champion in the struggle against communism has been villified by the left, whose influence reaches across academia, publishing, media and Hollywood. This blog is simply our effort to offer you, the reader, the truth about some of these historical people, places and events.

3 responses

  1. The 1986 photograph of Roberto D’Aubuisson was taken by Robert Meacham who shares the sentiments of the article. He arrived for an interview that evening in a small economy car with his son and sat on a step outside a friend’s home and spoke about the “situation”. He was very modest, unpretentious, and forthright. The people who supported him were among the best of the campesino class, the best of the vaqueros, the best of the middle class, and the best of upper class.

    • Thank you Mr. Meacham for sharing this story. It’s truly a shame that this honorable man’s character and good name have been destroyed by the left.

  2. Thank you. Did you go to Charles Wright Academy by chance? The whole Palastra family were an extraordinary group. I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of Mrs Palastra. She was the great woman behind and in support of a great man. The world just became a tiny bit worse off with her passing.

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