As Miserable Merchants of Unwanted Ideas, Communists in American Society Usually have to Camouflage their Beliefs by Posing as Respectable “Liberals.”

Yet, There are Still Time-Tested Techniques to Expose The Un-American Extremists Hiding Among Us.

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The U.S. Military is one of the few remaining enclaves of our government that is overtly intolerant of Communism and those individual Communists who try to infiltrate it’s branches.  The young and haplessly stupid, would-be-Army Officer, Spenser Rapone, soon found this out when he hastily ruined his Army career and prospects for meaningful future employment after obtusely declaring himself a Communist. He was, of course, discharged – less than honorably and forced to pay back some $300,000 in tuition to the taxpayers who footed the bill for his extraordinary education at the United States Military Academy – West Point. His departure from the Army was of no loss to either the Army or the American Public. He failed out of the U.S. Army’s Ranger School. An extremely rare occurrence for a Commissioned Officer. He was generally considered an exceptionally unfit Infantry Officer and his forced departure might very well have saved the lives of future soldiers who might have been indifferently placed under his ineffectual command while in a combat zone.

Fortunately, the wild-eyed Communist Professor, Rasheed Hoesein, who radicalized Rapone’s young skull full of mush, has also been booted from the faculty at West Point.  Hooray! Yet, Rapone and his Islamo-Communist Professor could have been identified years before had the Army still used manuals like the 1955 one titled, “How to Spot a Communist.” While Military Leaders today are still briefed on the basics of identifying subversive leftists within the ranks , the manual first published for the Army’s Commanders over sixty years ago, still offers valuable lessons and techniques for pinpointing Communists who have surreptitiously infiltrated our armed forces.

Below are excerpts from “How to Spot a Communist.” It seems to have held up quite well. Finally, please note that there are millions of patriotic Americans who identify, to one degree or another, as “liberal” or “progressive.” This manual is for identifying the subversive, radical American left. It should not be used to slander Liberals or other like-minded, Americans who are loyal and love their country.


Events of recent years have made it obvious that there is no fool-proof way of detecting a Communist. The Communist individual is no longer a “type” exemplified by the bearded and coarse revolutionary with time bomb in briefcase. U.S. Communists come from all walks of life, profess all faiths, and exercise all trades and professions. In addition, the Communist Party, USA, has made concerted efforts to go underground for the purpose of infiltration.

If there is no fool-proof system in spotting a Communist, there are, fortunately, indications that may give him away. These indications are often subtle but always present, for the Communist, by reason of his “faith” must act and talk along certain lines.

While a … preference for long sentences is common to most Communist writing, a distinct vocabulary provides the… more easily recognized feature of the “Communist Language.”

Even a superficial reading of an article written by a Communist or a conversation with one will probably reveal the use of some of the following expressions: integrative thinking, vanguard, comrade, hootenanny, chauvinism, book-burning, syncretistic faith, bourgeois-nationalism, jingoism, colonialism, hooliganism, ruling class, progressive, demagogy, dialectical, witch-hunt, reactionary, exploitation, oppressive, materialist.

This list, selected at random, could be extended almost indefinitely. While all of the above expressions are part of the English language, their use by Communists is infinitely more frequent than by the general public…

… In addition to these very general principles common to Communist tactics, a number of specific issues have been part of the Communist arsenal for a long period of time. These issues are raised not only by Communist appeals to the public, but also by the individual Party member or sympathizer who is a product of his Communist environment. They include: “McCarthyism,” violation of civil rights, racial or religious discrimination, immigration laws, anti-subversive legislation, any legislation concerning labor unions, the military budget, “peace.”

A study such as this can lead to only one certain conclusion: There is no sure-fire way of spotting a Communist… The principle difficulty involved is the distinction between the person who merely dissents in the good old American tradition and the one who condemns for the purpose of abolishing that tradition.

In attempting to find the answer to the question: “Is this man a Communist?” a checklist such as this can prove helpful, although in itself it cannot provide the answer:

Does the individual use unusual language? (“Communist Language”) Does he stubbornly cling to Marxist ideals without being willing to question them? Does he condemn our American institutions and praise those of Communist countries?
Does he pick on any event, even the most insignificant occurrences in this country for his criticism? Is he secretive about certain of his contacts? Does he belong to groups exploiting controversial subjects?

Above all, the approach to the problem of discovering Communists must be detached and completely free from prejudice. Using some of the clues mentioned in this study in connection with a factual approach provides the best system at present of spotting a Communist.


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